About Us

Specialists in pet travelling and documentation

Pet Express has unsurpassed experience in shipping pets to and from Sri Lanka, to many different countries. And our international pet transport Specialists team will ensure you, that all of your Pet's international travel requirements are met accordingly and your Pet's journey will be planned smoothly and stress-free.

By working closely with the pets' owners, our team offers personalized attention to each pet's individual needs and wants. We extensively discuss the relocation process with the pets' owners in order to avoid any surprises half way through.


Our Values

Professional Guidance

Our relocation specialists will guide you step-by step for secure and comfortable travelling for your pet.

Reliability and Accessibility

Moment you contact us, we are responsible for your pet, and are always open for your queries and worries.

Security and Wellbeing

We make sure of the security and the wellbeing of your pet while travelling, and care for them as much as you do.