IATA Certified International Pet Travel Crates in Sri Lanka

We supply IATA certified international Pet travel crates / carriers for all your requirements

Product Specifications     
  • IATA / LAR Certified: Approved by all major international airlines
  • Made using Heavy duty, high plastic construction
  • Extra strong stainless steel used for the doors / Non-corrosive
  • Secure door latches and easy to operate
  • Four way ventilation
Sizes / Models Available in Stock 
  • Size#200 - Cats / Small dogs:  67.5 x 51 x 47 CM (LxWxH)
  • Size#300 - Intermediate small/medium dogs: 81.2 x 57.5 x 60.6 CM (LxWxH)
  • Size#400 - Large medium to large dogs : 90.7 x 63.6 x 68.6 CM (LxWxH)
  • Size#500 - X-Large large dogs: 100 x 67 x 75 CM (LxWxH)
  • Size#700 - XX-Large (Giant) large dogs: 122 x 81.28 x 88.9 CM (LxWxH)
  • Free Delivery within Colombo City Limits.
  • Subject to inventory availability. Please check with us.

IATA Certified Wooden Pet Travel Crates

We also offer custom made Wooden Pet Travel Crates / Carriers according IATA standards, at affordable prices. For certain destinations, as per the regulations we can fumigate the wooden travel boxes as well.  If you are planning on traveling more than once it is advisable to choose a plastic crate as the wooden box is theoretically for one/two use only.

All of our wooden pet travel crates are manufactured from high quality plywood on a strong wooden frame. Each travel crate has a full welded wire mesh back and a weld wire mesh window in the door.  The door bolts are spring loaded to avoid opening during transit and we also added hinges to the larger boxes for added strength and security.  Furthermore, we use 02 strong metal handles fitted to each side of the crate which are required when handling the shipment.

To comply with the IATA LAR (Live Animals Regulations) each wooden travel crate is fitted with an inside water bowl so that fluids can be delivered without opening the crate door and disturbing the animal during transit. A food bowl will be attached to the crate door as well.

CR 82 / CR82 : Iata Boxes For Potentially Aggressive Dog Breeds

Some airlines recently experienced incidents where large, strong or upset dogs escaped from their plastic kennel simply by chewing the sides of their crate. This has resulted in much damage to the inside of the plane and danger for human passengers in flight. Below is a special kennel constructed to respect the IATA Container Requirement No. 82, called “CR 82″ to relocate these dog breeds in safety.

The list of potentially aggressive dogs will include breeds such as Pitbull, Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff, English Mastiff, Dogo Argentino, Cane Corso… etc.  as well as all the crosses of these breeds. The list of the potentially aggressive dog breeds would vary depending on the airline.

At Pet Express – Sri Lanka, we can construct any size of CR 82 travel crates with solid timber and strong plywood. These IATA compliant CR82 flight kennels can be tailored to fit any dog’s dimensions.

We suggest that, before you buy a travel kennel for your dog, you verify if his breed needs a CR 82 flight kennel.

Should the airline requires a IATA compliant CR 82 for your four legged fur friend, contact us as soon as possible as we would require about 14 working days to construct this type of flight kennel for the above breeds. If you have an urgent departure and you must leave in a rush, we may be able to construct your crate sooner for your dog’s specific dimensions but there would be an additional fee for constructing your crate outside our business hours.

Special Customized Pet Carriers (Bird Carriers)

Bird Travel Crates in Sri Lanka

For relocation of feathered friends, we offer custom bird crates complete with perches, for everything from large Parrots to tiny love birds. The standard pet travel crates will be slightly modified which will be suitable for a bird.

For perching birds, the travel crates must be of sufficient height to allow your feathered friend to perch naturally without its head or tail touching the top or bottom. Accordingly, a wooden perch of appropriate diameter will be firmly attached inside of the standard pet travel crate.

Bird travel carriers must have a solid, leak-proof floor. The crate floor will be covered with shredded paper; pegboard flooring is prohibited. These requirements provide the maximum cleanliness for the parrot during travel.  All internal edges on the bird travel carrier must be smooth with no sharp projections. Furthermore, a water bowl will be attached to the door in every bird crate.

Airlines may have more restrictive requirements, such as allowing only one adult parrot per kennel. Be sure to check with the airline you are using. IATA LAR regulations state that there must be sufficient perch space for all birds to perch simultaneously. The numbers of birds will be restricted by the length of perch space within the container. Furthermore, larger birds must have comparably fewer per container or compartment of a container. Aggressive birds must be packed individually.

How to Measure Your Pet

The size of the pet travel crate (kennel, carrier) must be such that it will allow the pet to stand in a natural position, turn around easily and to lie down in a natural manner at all times.

The images below give measuring directions and a guideline for calculating the correct size airline shipping container for your pet(s). They relate to a pet standing in a natural position.

= length of the pet from tip of nose to root of tail

= height from ground to top of leg or elbow joint

= width across right & left shoulders

= height of the pet in natural standing position from ground to the top of the head or the tip of the ear in erect ear breeds. (for a cat you might find it easier to measure height while cat is sitting with head erect)

When measuring your precious pet, please do not add any extra inches as this could be dangerous if the aircraft meet an air pocket or turbulence as your pet could slide around and be injured in an excessively large kennel. Also, if you use a pet travel crate / container that is too big for the pet, you will end up paying more air freight charges for your pet’s journey than is actually necessary. Based on the exact pet's measurements, we will advise you the correct pet travel crate size which you must use.


Minimum Pet Travel Crate Requirements

  • The pet travel crate must be large enough for your pet(s) to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Snub nosed breeds will require one size larger than normal for most airlines that permit them to fly in cargo. See sizing instructions in the subsequent section.
  • The pet travel crate must be made of fiberglass, metal, rigid plastics, weld metal mesh, solid wood or plywood (note that not all airlines will accept crates made of wood, e.g. Air France and KLM)
  • The floor of the pet travel crate must be solid and leak-proof.
  • Handling space bars or handles must be present on the long side of the pet travel crate.
  • The pet travel crate door must have a secure, spring loaded, all around locking system with the pins extending at least 1.6 cm (5/8 in) beyond the horizontal extrusions above and below the door. Many airlines will also require that the door be further secured with cable ties at each corner. Doors must be constructed of heavy plastic, welded or cast metal strong enough so that a pet cannot bend them. (We recommend metal.) The door must be nose and paw proof so as not to injure your pet in any way.
  • The pet travel crate should be should be sturdy in design and not collapsible. Roof should be solid but can have ventilation as long as the strength of the roof is not compromised. (We do not recommend crates with doors on the top.)
  • Although this is not an IATA requirement, many airlines are now requiring steel crate hardware instead of plastic fasteners. We would recommend that you use this hardware on your pet's crate to be sure there will be no problems. Also, many airlines require cable ties in the corners of the crate. Plastic clips are not recommended. All hardware and fasteners must be in place.
  • Both water and food bowls must be attached to the inside of the front door and be refillable from the outside of the crate without opening the door. Even though not a mandatory requirement, small funnels attached to the door by cable ties make it easier for airport handlers to refill water bowls. Food can be attached to the top of the crate in a plastic bag.
  • The pet travel crate must have ventilation on a minimum of one end, which can be the door (domestic flights) and 2 ends (international flights). The openings must be a minimum of  1 in (2.5 cm) over the upper two thirds of the opposite end and the remaining two sides, at a distance of 4 in (10 cm) from center to center of each opening. The total ventilated area must be at least 16% of the total surface of the four sides. Additional holes on the roof or sides are permitted as long as they do not affect the strength of the crate. The ventilation holes must not be taped over or blocked in any way.
  • The pet travel crate must have "LIVE ANIMAL STICKERS" on the top and sides in letters at least one inch tall as well as directional stickers.  Also, there must be a sticker adhered to the top of the crate called a Shipper's Declaration stating when your pet was last watered and fed. These stickers will be pasted by the Pet Express crew.
  • Strictly NO WHEELS. If the pet crate has wheels, they should be removed or taped securely so that the kennel cannot roll.
  • The pet travel crate must be identified with you pet's name and owner's contact information. The best way to do this is to attach your pet's information to the outside of the crate with duct tape or other sturdy tape.
  • Pet travel crate must have forklift spacers when the pet + crate exceeds 132 lbs. (60kg)

Crate Calculator

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