Terms of Use

These terms of contract between PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA (hereafter called "PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA") and the Client/Purchaser/Pet Owner (hereafter called the "Client") shall apply to all orders for goods and services accepted by PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA from the Client and these Terms and Conditions shall prevail and take precedence over any document or oral message from the Client.

Whereas the utmost care and attention is given to the Client's animals, they are handled with the understanding that PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA, their contractors, the kennels, the cattery, the airline and veterinarians are at no time to be held responsible for loss, death, illness, injury or impairment due to any cause, either natural or accidental.


All prices and quotations given for products and services are based on ruling rates and tariffs current at the time. Any increases in such rates and tariffs applying at time of travel will be additional to the quoted price and payable by the Client.

Where prices for animal transport services are based on dimensions and weights as supplied by the Client such prices will be subject to adjustment depending on actual travel crate sizes as determined by PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA, the carrying airline, and/or export veterinary inspectors. Such additional charges are payable by the Client.


Payment in full is due on presentation of PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA's invoice. Payment is to be made by cash, direct bank transfer, wire transfer, cash deposit to the bank, or bank cheque. Payments by personal cheque, company cheque, and company credit account are subject to prior approval. Such approval must be confirmed by PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA in writing before acceptance of bookings. Company account bookings to be accompanied by an official company purchase order. Payments must be received by PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA with sufficient time allowance for processing or bank clearance prior to departure of the animals or shipment of goods.

Additional charges for bank fees may apply for payments originating from foreign banks.


In the event of order cancellation or non-availability of services PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA will refund, at PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA's sole discretion, any unexpended portion of the clients payment after deduction of any direct and indirect expenses incurred. Cancellations occurring 24 hours after hiring All-Pet Travel will be charged PET EXPRESS’ professional consultation base fee. All other fees not expended will be completely refunded. The base consultation fee can then be used within a six-month time frame should extenuating circumstances unexpectedly prevent your pet’s move.

Veterinary and Vaccinations

Current vaccination certificates are required for all animals being boarded.

The Client authorizes PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA to seek veterinary attention if required for any animals in our care. Any additional costs associated with such veterinary treatment are payable by the client.

Where sedatives are needed or specifically requested such sedatives are to be arranged by the Client and prescribed by the Clients own veterinarian. PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA accepts no responsibility for injury, impairment or death due to such use of sedatives.

Travel Times, Flights

PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA will endeavor to forward animals on the flights as booked, however changes to airline schedules and availability of cargo space can occasionally cause delays and variations in travel plans.

All travel quotations are based on weekday departure/arrival times. Weekend, public holiday and afterhours services are subject to availability and incur a callout fee. Afterhours service requirements should be brought to the attention of your PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA pet travel consultant.


Insurance of Clients animals in our care is not included in our charges.

Dangerous animals

PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA will transport or kennel vicious dogs or banned/restricted breeds at their discretion. It is the responsibility of the client to clearly notify the breed and the temperament of the dog. PET EXPRESS - SRI LANKA makes no assurance that Clients animals will be permitted into the country of destination.

Your Pet’s Welfare during Travel:

The Airlines require that all animals must be able to stand, sit and turn around in their carrier without restrictions. Attached food and water cups are also required. APT reserves the right to modify carriers that do not meet standards as set forth by the USDA and the airlines. Shippers will be responsible for additional cost related to required modifications. Weather conditions or airline technical problems may delay your animal’s flight schedule. Owners are responsible for any cost related to delays such as kennel boarding and transportation to/from the airport.

Note About Phishing Scams:

Please send us any scam/phishing emails you have received by reporting them here to [email protected]. If you have received an email that you believe to be a phishing scam please remember that it is very common for these scams to be redistributed at a later date with only slightly different content, such as a different subject or return address, or with the fake webpage(s) hosted on a different webserver. We aim to report every variant of the scams we receive, so even if it appears that a scam you receive has already been reported, please submit it to us anyway.